Basket Obsession

basket 1

I have a basket obsession because I love how they make my life easier.  Here's how I use them in my house. The bottom of my bassinet was getting to be a jumbled mess so I just added in some baskets and now everything is so much easier to find.  Hint:  you can find inexpensive baskets ...

Foster Care

foster 1

I messed up today!  I let a 2 year old little boy get to me.  Foster care has changed my life in so many ways and I think God is trying to tell me something about myself in the process.  No, I don't think, I know! I don't want to let this time of my life ...

Closet Cleaning Rule


Cleaning out your Closet?  Wow, this is a great way to clear out the unnecessary stuff in your closet.  If I go by this closet cleaning rule I think it will take me far today!  :)

Closet Clean Out Inspiration

Need some inspiration?  I needed some closet clean out inspiration and this video was just the thing to get me moving.  Less is More!!!!!  Remember that when weeding through your closet and getting ready for spring!  That is what I attempt to do today.  I don't think I will be able to get it down ...

Basket and Tray Obsession

tb 1

My basket and tray obsession is taking over my house.  So, my obsession used to be chalk board paint and now baskets and trays have taken the number one spot in my house.  :)  See how I use them in my house. Tray to hold books and decor:   I got this one out of the ...

Love is Patient

love is patient

So my house is full of kids and I was having moments where my patience was being tested, totally!  So I placed this little handmade sign on my fridge that says "Love is Patient".  This may seem like a simple thing that wouldn't work but it actually does.  When I am tempted to lose my ...

How do You Handle Stress?

stress exercise

So you've had one of those weeks or even months.  You're frustrated or discouraged about how things are going.  You feel like your world is out of control... What do you do?  How do you handle stress? Sometimes I just need better rest or to spend time with family or friends.  Sometimes it helps to talk ...

Valentine or Birthday treats

Val treat 1

I took treats to my daughter's class yesterday and I think they were a hit!  So easy to make these Valentine or Birthday treats! First, I dipped my daughter's favorite cookies in pink and white chocolate. Next, I sprinkled them with Valentine sprinkles and laid them on foil to harden. Done and oh so cute!  So Love it!

Thoughts about the men in my life

book 1

Today on this wintry, snowy Sunday afternoon I sit with many thoughts about my day, and thoughts about the men in my life. My husband is under the weather and so he called upon my father to preach this morning at our church.  My husband is the pastor of our church and we have served together ...

How to Make a Bow Tutorial

bow tutorial

I wanted to show you a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a bow.  All you need is a strip of fabric or a ribbon and a hot glue gun.  So simple and so pretty!  Here's what you do: Cut a strip of fabric or ribbon to your desired length Fold the fabric or ribbon so ...