How to Organize a Home Office Using Creative Ideas

organize baskets


One day I realized my home office desk area was a mess!  I’m going give you an idea on how to organize a home office using creative ideas.

The first thing I did before I even started was to hit the dollar store.  I found a pen cup holder for a dollar.  They had three small baskets for the drawer for a dollar.

My favorite purchase was larger baskets in several different colors each for a dollar.  Total cost was $8.   I’m so lovin’ the Dollar Tree!

First step – remove all the trash!  This is a must.  You wouldn’t believe the junk and old stuff that I’ve been allowing to pile up and clutter up my space.

Second step – attack the drawers.  I found so many pens and pencils that I’ve been needing and thought we had lost.  These cheap, but great little baskets can organize any drawer in a jiffy.  Pens, pencils, marker fit perfect in the longer basket.  Clips, glue, tape and whiteout fit perfect in the smaller ones.  I also grabbed a cup from the kitchen for the extra stuff that needed a home.  It feels great!

Third step – organize the other stuff that wasn’t fitting in the drawers.  I already had these things divided into 3-4 categories (or really piles I should say).   The old boxes and piles falling over onto my feet had to go.  I had 6 cute baskets and not sure how to best place them.  You can see from the picture, this is what I ended up with.  Wow!  I feel organized!  It’s accessible and so cute.  (I love the pink ribbon I borrowed from my daughter to give it that final girly touch.)

Fourth step – clear off the top of the desk.  A little dusting for sure.  The more desk space you see the better you feel.  

Fifth step – stand back and admire your work, and then let the fresh start give you inspiration and motivation to get back to work! :-)

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