12 Things to do at the Beach with Kids

 We so love going to the beach!



It’s such a great family day that’s cheap on the wallet and priceless on the fun memories :)

The last time we went as a family was to Jekyll Island in Georgia.  It was our first time at this beach and we loved it!  Here’s a treasure my son found.  This was one of 5 sand dollars that we found and the only one to survive the trip home…

The beach can be relaxing, fun, and active.  So here’s just 12 things to do at the beach with kids that might help give you some ideas for your next family outing to the beach.




So here they are…

1. look for shells – my personal favorite! Every beach is different and even the same beach can be different at different times of the year.  They say the best time to find sharks teeth or shells is when the hide tide is going out and leaving the shells behind.

2. lay in the sun – not recommended if you are watching little kids all by yourself. Keep your eyes on those little ones!  Take a friend with you and you can take turns laying and watching the kids.

3. design an obstacle course – use a shell to draw a path with stations that require the runner to stop and stand on one foot with eyes closed or collect 3 shells or hop or sing happy birthday before they continue on the course.  This is fun to participate in, watch, and to entertain the people around you too :)

4. bring a ball – this is a favorite for my husband and my son.  be careful if you miss the ball will go forever!  Maybe that’s why my husband stands on the beach and my son stands in the water :)

5. feed the birds – I would suggest that you wait until you are leaving or the birds will become your shadows.  It’s crazy fun to through the food straight up and the birds will come from nowhere!

6. build a sand castle – It doesn’t take a lot of tools but you for sure need a shovel and at least a bucket or two.  don’t forget to include a moat!

7. bury a sibling in the sand – now’s your chance :) be careful not to bury the head at all and not too close to the water where the waves could come up.

If you’re looking for a beach vacation spot for your family, Myrtle Beach Resorts for kids may be the perfect place.  It’s located in the Grand Strand which is know as America’s “Number One Family Beach.”  check it out!

8. surf, body surf, buggy board – buggy boarding is my son’s favorite and is entertained for hours…

9. collect critters – this is my daughter’s favorite.  We have made temporary homes in the sand for crabs, some critter is those butterfly shells :) , fish, baby sharks, minnows, star fish, and jelly fish.

10. read a book – my husband’s favorite although the kids rarely let him sit long enough to read…

11. take a walk – you can’t beat the fresh air at the beach and a nice walk is perfect any time of the day but at sunset or sunrise it’s pretty amazing.

12. run or ride a bike – for a little bit more activity a nice run on the beach or a bike run is great!


So we did it – 12 things to do at the beach with kids.  I sure hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a beach sometime soon and maybe these ideas can help make your family day a great one…

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  • katswater

    Love the beach and speding time with my grandkids there. Last summer I found some marvelous sandcasting kits from Beach and Nature Company (beachandnatureco.com) and did them with the 4 grandkids at the beach. It was really inexpensive and easy and we had wonderful keepsakes of our time together.

    • http://solovethat.com/ Charity Milligan

      That’s a great idea that we haven’t tried yet… it may be our next beach thing :-) thanks for stopping by!